Trista is a California transplant, hailing originally from Georgia. She may speak with a southern twang, but this girl is as city as they come. 

After spending much of her growing up years on the stage acting in various musical theatrical productions, she's finally settled down into the exciting world of hardware. It's a bit of a change after growing up in the theater, plus listening to a few of her family members lament about the problems of being a producer, but she rises to the occasion, nonetheless. 

In her free time(Ha!), She plays Legend of Zelda, works in the entertainment field of Press Release, has done some production assistant work, and writes screenplays here and there. Then of course, there's Xena. Trista is a newbie to the warrior princess fandom, but she's jumped into the Babbling Bards Podcast with both feet, taking point in the trivia and subtext portions. Even though seeing through to some of the subtext proves a challenge, she gets it done through mounds of research and painstaking attention to detail.

FAVORITE EPISODE(S): The Bitter Suite<Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire<Is There a Doctor in the House?

LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE: Married with Fishsticks


MOST HATED CHARACTER: Na fucking jara and Virgil

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Oh, I'm not ALLOWED to? Excuse me, Xena while I walk ten step behind your horse!" -Gabrielle

"You could walk BESIDE my horse!" -Xena

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